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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Blueprint for Football Extra Digest: Issue 27

Nick Littlehales: the man who showed Cristiano Ronaldo how to sleep
A couple of months back, we did a feature on Blueprint for Football on the importance of sleep for players' performance so it is nice to see that other outlets are now starting to cover this subject as well.

Early Specialisation in Goalkeepers
A lot has been written about early specialisation but usually it is from the angle of football vs other sports.  This piece looks at whether kids should be specialising in the goalkeeper role from an early age.

Fitness coach Raymond Verheijen on why Chelsea are better prepared than Manchester United or Arsenal
"The problem in the Premier League is that football and training is hijacked by sports science – clubs spend millions on it and think they are very professional but in reality it is very amateur because most sports scientists don’t have a deep understanding of football and as a result they are doing a lot of non-specific football training with players."

Raymond Verheijen, as always, doesn't pull any punches.

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