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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Blueprint for Football Extra Weekly Digest Issue 29

Talking Point
Torquay United close youth academy as part of cost cuts
At a time when football – at least in the higher levels – is so awash with money it is disappointing (and, frankly, a bit shameful) that a club should opt to close down its academy.  One can only hope that the kids who were let go get over the emotional trauma of this decision and wish all the best to the staff who lost their jobs as a result.

Phase - Pressing High To Regain Possession
How do you coach your players so that they are in a position to win the ball back once they lose possession?  This is the first part in a series showing coaching practises in how to achieve such an aim.

Opposition Scouting at AS Monaco
The level of detail into which clubs at the highest level go these days is astounding and this extends to the way they analyse opposition before facing them.  Joao Sacramento carries out this job for AS Monaco and in this interview details what this entails.

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