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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Best of Coaching Links This Week: Tempo, Throw-Ins & More

Philosophy has become something of a buzzword in football over recent years and no manger worth his salt can afford not to have one.  That, however, is the easy part: it gets tricky when you have to instill your philosophy in your players when you only have a very limited number of days during which you can train your players.

Any team that can dictate the pace of the game has a huge advantage over their opponent because they can then determine what gets to be done on the pitch.  But what is tempo and how does it work?  Here's an in-depth analysis.

Every aspect of the game gets analysed these days as teams go out in search of that element which can give them an advantage over the rest.  So it should be.  This focus on all aspects now includes the throw in.

There's always a lot to learn away from football and this interview with Mike Krzyzewski who among other things coached the US to three gold medals in basketball is filled with delightful insight.

“Cups are not won by individuals, but by men in a team who put their club before personal prestige." - Jock Stein.

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