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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Best Football Coaching Links of the Week: Marginal Gains, Marcelo Bielsa & More

One of the most significant lessons for any coach is that there is no end point in their journey; that they need to keep learning and evolving as they go on.  So it was particularly pleasing to recently have the opportunity to talk to Ben Trinder.  I had interviewed Ben three years back but since then he has continued to examine his coaching beliefs and modifying them so that they better reflect his increasing knowledge.

This is not strictly about coaching but I found it to be an interesting read on the growth of women’s football and how clubs are waking up to this fact.

I have to admit that I am a big believer in the idea of marginal gains, the concept made popular by British Cycling that focuses on the practise of looking at different ways to bring about improvement regardless of how small that improvement is.  Bring together enough of these small gains and you will develop a big enough lead on your competition.  It is such a simple concept and yet so obviously true that I’m constantly blown away by its genius.  Yet it is always healthy to listen to arguments that criticise even your most preciously held beliefs and this article does just that.  I won’t say that I think much differently now but there are a number of valid points nevertheless.

If you haven’t read James Kerr’s brilliant book Legacy analysing the culture of All Blacks’ rugby, you should as it is brilliant.  In the meantime, however, this image gives you the highlights.

"I dream of a team where an outsider comes to watch us and can't understand the roles of the players." - Marcelo Bielsa

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