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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Best Football Coaching Links of the Week: Atalanta, How United Won Europa League & More

Mattia Caldara: remember the name because in a few years he will be considered as one of Europe’s finest defenders.  Caldara was one of the standout players in an Atalanta side filled with young players that managed to gain an unexpected qualification to the Europa League.  It is one of the greatest stories of the season but, more significantly, it is a great success story of a club that focuses its energy on developing players the right way.

It might not have earned them many plaudits or praise but Manchester United put in a performance that allowed them to win the Europa League.  Here’s an analysis of how they actually did that.

“The most important thing a dad can give a girl is the feeling that she is special.  Not his “princess” based on her looks or being somehow better than anyone else, and not because she gets high marks or gold medals for sport, but because she is his daughter, and he loves her just for that.”   Some general insight to being a good parent which works very well for those with kids and in sports.  Thanks to reader Stephen Murray for pointing me to this article and remarking: "He shows up.  He keeps his promises.  He is strong, not in the sense of muscular strength, but being true to his word, reliable, and there." isn't that a coaching role model?

Coach David Selini has put together a tactical guide to man-to-man marking that is as detailed as anything I’ve seen on the internet.  An excellent read for the uninitiated but also loads to learn for those who are familiar with the ideas thanks to his use of practical examples.

“The ball is round, the game lasts ninety minutes, and everything else is just theory.” Sepp Herberger, German football player and manager of the 1954 World Cup winners

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