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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Blueprint for Football Weekly Digest: Issue 25

Blueprint According To...Ally Bain
Whereas as a rule British footballers seem to shy away from playing overseas - indeed many prefer going to the lower leagues and even into semi-professional football rather than going abroad - a completely different mentality seems to govern coaches.  Ally Bain [] is one such coach and in this interviews he explains his motivations, what he has found out and how he is building his football philosophy.

The importance of motivation when coaching young players
People seem to assume that motivation is a given among young players but in truth coaches have to work hard in order to ensure not only that it is there but that it is the right kind of motivation.

Incorporating the Four Pillars into Practice - A Coaches View
Football is largely made up of technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects.  How is a coach to implement them in practice?

How coaching makes a difference
Does coaching make a difference? Figures seem to suggest so.

Quote of the Week
To achieve a high standard of excellence in performance you cannot afford to be in the comfort zone.” Vern Gambetta

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