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Monday, July 20, 2015

Free Coaching Book

It is fair to say that when I published “Blueprint According To…Volume II” in July of 2014, I genuinely thought that this would be the last in the series.  Whilst it had been both a great learning experience and a thrill to actually publish a book bearing my name – even a self-published one – when I came to assess whether the books themselves had met expectations – financial ones - the story was completely different.

I had never expected to make huge profits from the books but it had been my expectation to at least cover cost and perhaps earn a little bit extra to help fund the cost of Blueprint for Football.  Ultimately, that didn’t happen.  In fact, I didn’t even come close.

All of which led me to question whether there was a need for such books or even the ‘Blueprint According To…’ series itself.  To be honest, I expected some tepid feedback from hard core readers so it was surprising to receive a large number of views by people who had found the whole series both educational and insightful.

Naturally, this encouraged me to continue with the series.  And, once the interviews themselves are already written, I felt that I might as well publish the next volume in the series.

And so ‘Blueprint According To…Volume III’ came into being.  The book is, once again, available for sale on Amazon but, having rid myself of financial targets, I’ve decided to try and make it as easy as possible for any aspiring coach looking for new material to read to get their hands on this book.

So, if you are one such coach and would like to get a free e-book edition of ‘Blueprint According To…Volume III’, all you have to do is join Blueprint for Football’s mailing list (it is completely free and I will not ask for any payment down the line) and you will receive information on how to get this book within a few days.

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